How to Make Your Own Crop Top T-Shirt

A fun new summertime fashion trend that has been brought back from the ’90s is the crop top. When worn with a pair of high-waisted shorts, the look is ultra cool and fresh. T-shirt crop tops are typically oversized, fall above the midriff and can be worn so they expose a shoulder. Buying these tops can often be expensive, but a crop top T-shirt is very simple to make yourself.

First, find an oversized T-shirt, perhaps an old band shirt from a boyfriend or brother, and try it on. If it is loose and comfortable, it will be a good shirt to crop.

Next, lay your shirt out on a flat surface. Decide how short you want it, and draw a line with a pencil along a ruler so that it is straight. You may want to try on the shirt at this point to make sure it is the length you want.

Now is the time to cut your crop top T-shirt. Lay your shirt flat again, and use a pair of fabric scissors or a fabric cutter to cut along the straight line you drew with a pencil. You can fold up the edge and hem the shirt at this point, or you can keep the edges frayed depending on your preference.

Now you can trim the sleeves of your shirt, if you wish, and extend the neckline. To do so, cut either a long boat neck shape at the top of the shirt around the collar, or extend the collar out using a ruler and trim it so the original ribbed collar is cut off. You can also cut the sleeves off completely if you wish, but keep in mind that because the shirt is oversized, there will be a lot of fabric missing from the sides when you do this.

If you are nervous about creating your own crop top T-shirt, you can also place one of your previously purchased T-shirt crop tops on top of an oversized tee, and trace and cut around it keeping the top and side seams intact.

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